Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vegetable Thai Coconut Curry/Pontypool

A simple recipe calls for a simple film. The food comes together in about 20 minutes and is super simple to make. Nobody would be able to guess this though - the flavor is outstanding. You can swap vegetables or use a green curry paste here. I just used what I had in my farm share.

October is already halfway gone, but this film is the first scary movie I've watched. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and watching scary movies has been a tradition in October. Hopefully we'll have time to review some more in the next couple of weeks!

Side note: check out these beautiful carrots I got in the farm share this week. I used the tops for pesto and it came out so well.

Recipe: Vegetable Thai Coconut Curry

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sweet Potato Chipotle Soup/Submarine

I have a better camera this week! And a more accessible movie!

Not terribly uplifting, but accessible

It was raining on Thursday. And Wednesday. And a little on Friday. I know I'm not the only one that craves soup when it is raining outside. On top of that, this soup has a kick to it, so it gives you a nice warm feeling in your belly. It's also super healthy, so that's another +1. It's also also really easy and is done in about a half hour. I recommend you eat it with a nice loaf of bread for dipping.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Chipotle Soup

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello (again) World/French Night

Right, so I know it's been a while. Like, almost a year? I'll give a quick life update just in case you were wondering why I've been so neglectful these past few months.

I have:

Run a half marathon

will be running another in TX in February!

Gotten engaged

it's even prettier in person

Moved to Texas

A view of our fantastic new kitchen

Gotten a new job

this is what I look like at my job

Gone to Burning Man

PAM aka BUSTADON aka where all of my time and money went this summer.
Wouldn't take it back for anything <3 <3 <3

It's certainly been a challenging year, but all in all life is great. Especially since I got to eat this dish last night (and play with fire while cooking - see video below for demonstration). Apologies in advance for the shoddy pictures. I couldn't find my camera cord so I used my phone. I realize now that this was a terrible idea because my phone is not a camera.

Don't let the pictures fool you - the food was fantastic. We shared a French Foodie night with some awesome friends here in Austin. The dish was served with a fresh endive and roquefort salad, baguette (for sopping up all the sauce), a fantastic French wine, and a delicious dessert that involved chèvre, strawberries, wine, and all sorts of tasty things. I was a little too excited to eat so there are no pictures of the rest of the dishes, but my camera wouldn't have done them justice anyways so I'm not too concerned.

As for the film: it was a pretty easy selection. We did French food, and I've been meaning to see Holy Motors for quite some time, so there we go! Review follows after the recipe.

Recipe: Coq AuVin (I think it means braised chicken or something)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Veggie Taco Deep Dish Pizza/Hallo-movie Extravaganza

Edit: I started writing this post in October but am just now getting around to posting it. Sorry (not really). I should probably make something more thanksgiving-themed, but we're going to relive the Halloween days. Who says you can't eat pizza and watch scary movies in November or December? 

It's October (it was October at one point). You're probably going to be watching some scary movies (it's always a good time to watch scary movies). What goes well with scary movies? A big, gooey, PIZZA. Good idea. Wait...where are you, don't pick up the phone (or the Foodler). Stop. Back away. Grab your cast iron skillet. Let's get to work.

Don't eat that.
Not only is this pizza cheaper, more delicious, and healthier than delivery's also taco. And vegetarian. You could make it with meat, but my CSA came the day I made it so I couldn't resist putting a bunch of awesome local produce all over it. The recipe is really pretty flexible - have fun with it.

Recipe: Veggie Taco Deep Dish Pizza

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Greens and Tomato Orzo/Spark: A Burning Man Story

What a summer! I have a lot of greens. I don't really know what to do with them most of the time. This past week, I got dandelion greens. Had I known those were edible, I would have gone down to the field and picked some myself. I don't need no CSA.

I've made salads, stir-frys, and even green soup. I was ready for something new. I thought this recipe here sounded pretty delicious, so I decided to use it as a guide. I made a couple of adjustments to fit what I had on hand, and you can do the same. I would highly recommend using fresh tomatoes because they are in season right now, and they give the dish a lighter tomato taste that you can't get with canned tomatoes. I added some bullion back in to give it the salt it needed. 

I think this dish would go well with an egg on top, over-easy. Then again, I think most things go well that way.

awwww. sparkly eggs.

Recipe: Greens and Tomato Orzo

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Children of the Skillet Cornbread

So I will admit, it's been a while since I actually watched this movie. Sometimes (especially during the summer months), life gets a little bit too much. I've had weddings, birthdays,'s been a doosey. I'm actually on the bus right now on the way home from a wedding.
If you are as busy as me, you should make this cornbread and the chili I made a few weeks ago. It fed me for a long time. And if you're broke like me, you will also appreciate the value of this hearty combo.

I got the skillet cornbread recipe from the Pioneer Woman, but I added sugar because cornbread should be sweet. Sometimes I like to think about how awesome life would be if I could be a Pioneer woman and live off a ranch. I don't think the life is as glamorous as hers (mine would probably play more like Winter's Bone), but a girl can dream. Her life is probably fake, anyways.

People on ranches don't look like this.

Recipe: Skillet Cornbread

Friday, June 28, 2013

Seaweed Salad and Ginger Squid/Oldboy

Hello Kim’s adoring public!  This will be a break from her irregularly scheduled brilliance for a guest post by me, the mysterious and silent ‘boyfriend.’

Pictured: My hand and a molleja taco.  Not Pictured: the food I'm cooking in this post.

These two dishes fit with Oldboy because they’re from Japan and Oldboy is from…  South Korea.  Close enough.  Had I watched the movie first, I probably would have gone with dumplings, but that’s water under the bridge.  I’m new at Japanese food, so I made a few key mistakes (like cooking squid in a poorly ventilated apartment... it still smells like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in here).  It was tasty, though, so I’ll definitely be trying again.